Sentiment Analysis: Visualize Survey Data with Tableau #WOW202304

#WOW202304 Workout Wednesday Tableau challenge presents an important approach to performing sentiment analysis. This challenge is a must-try if you’re interested in learning how to analyze and visualize survey data with Tableau.

Frequently, organizations want to know how their products and services perform. To understand this, they send out surveys to their customers to rate their product based on features such as ease of use, design, intuitiveness, helpfulness, and much more. You probably have encountered or taken a survey like this.

As a beginner in the field, sentiment analysis is a real-world example you should add to your portfolio. In addition, you will most likely encounter this form of analysis in your organization on a regular basis. especially if you work with marketing, survey, CRM, or customer experience datasets.

I was able to take on this challenge and this article shares my result. The #WOW202304 is available on the Workout-Wednesday website.

Learning Outcome

  1. How to perform sentiment analysis
  2. How to transform your data and create the required calculated fields needed for the analysis
  3. How to hide tooltips on charts
  4. How to format your visualization
visualizing survey data with tableau - sentiment analysis - grionic


Download the dataset on GitHub.


Credit: Workout Wednesday


The author of this challenge, Donna Coles created a step-by-step guide on how to solve this challenge – visualizing survey data with tableau.

Here’s the video tutorial on how to visualize survey data with tableau.


In less than an hour, I was able to join and complete this challenge. It was quite interesting and I believe this would serve as a useful template for me whenever I come across a sentiment analysis project in the future.

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Happy Analyzing!