NCAA P&L Basic KPI Report In Power BI – Exercise For Beginners

Are you new to Power BI and want to learn how to create a basic KPI report featuring BANS and trends? If yes, you should try to recreate this NCAA P&L basic KPI report in Power BI.

The WOW21 W1 and WOW21 W2 challenges are available on the Workout-Wednesday website.

Learning Outcome

The learning outcome of this challenge are as follows:

  1. Create a simple data model
  2. Create a formula using M code
  3. Learn how to format basic headers and visuals
  4. Publish your report


The dataset is a breakdown of the NCAA athletic department expenses and revenues by year.

Download the NCAA profit and loss dataset here.


Basic KPI Report - NCAA Analysis - Requirements
Credit: Workout-Wednesday


  • Using the Power Query Editor,
    • Use the first rows in the school_dim table as headers
    • Remove NULL and aggregated values in the FBS Conference column as stated in WOW21 W1 challenge
  • Add Custom Column. Name it Total Profits
  • Add your formula to the Total Profits custom column as follows:
 = [Total Revenues] - [Total Expenses] + [Excess Transfers Back]
  • Set the data type to decimal
  • Click “Save & Apply”
  • Proceed to create your dashboard
  • Publish your dashboard


In less than 15 minutes, I was able to recreate the NCAA P&L basic KPI report dashboard in Power BI.

Here’s what I achieved.

Basic KPI Report - NCAA Analysis

Download the PBI File here.

Happy Analyzing!

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