How to Create Power BI Filled Map

Are you new to Power BI and want to how you can create a Power BI filled map for your report? What if I tell you it is not as hard as you think?

In this article, I will show you a simple and step-by-step method to create a Power BI filled map.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started.


To start with, be sure you have your cleaned and processed dataset inserted in your Power BI Desktop.

Here is what my Power BI Desktop looks like after inserting my data (on the Fields pane).

Now, the next thing to do is to go to the Visualizations pane and select the filled map visual.

NB: The filled map visual is only available in Power BI Desktop, not in Power BI service or mobile. And you have to click on it before you can use it.

If your Filled map is unavailable in your visualizations pane, you can turn it on by going to File > Options and Settings > Options > Preview Features, then check the Shape map visual box. You will have to restart your Power BI Desktop after this process.

Power BI Filled Map

When you click on the Filled map you will get an empty visual on your canvas.

PS: You can resize as you want.

Now you can create your filled map by adding your data into the visualization pane. You can do this by dragging a data field to make appropriate visuals.

(With my data, I will be creating a visual showing the profit of each state and region).

The first thing I did was to drag State into the Location pane. This result shows the details on the canvas.

After this, I dragged Region into Legend. (You will notice a change in color in the map, dividing it into the North, West, South, and East).

Finally, I added Profit into Tooltip.

The tooltip is the small black window on the screen when you hover your mouse over the report. It shows brief but detailed information about the data.

Conclusion: How to Create Power BI Filled Map

Now, that is a simple way to create your Power BI filled map for your report. Simple yeah? Yes, it is.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. You can try out different data and play around with creating multiple Power BI filled maps to make you better at it.

Thanks for reading.

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