How to Create a Table From Measures in Power BI

Have you ever wondered how to create a table from measures in Power BI? Or you might even be wondering what a measures table is.

A measures table is a table in the Power BI model that houses all newly-created measures. The measures table does not contain any actual data.

In this article, I will show you how to create a table from measures in Power BI.

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Introduction: How to Create a Table From Measures in Power BI

To create your measures table, you must have your data already inserted into Power BI, and the first thing to do is to click on Enter Data on the home tab of your Power BI Desktop.

This pops up an Enter data window (as displayed below).

Here you can paste already copied data or enter it manually, but we are not going to do that, we only want to create a measures table.

Rename the column

The next thing to do is to rename the column. Double tab Column1 and rename it. Also, we will rename the title of the table. The default title is Table.

I renamed my column as Measures and the table as Measures Table (as displayed below). After that, click Load.

Now, a new table will be created in the Fields pane titled Measures Table which contains a column called Measures when expanded.

To create our measures table, right-click the Measures column and select New Measure.

Then you can create the measures table you want to create. For the sake of this post, I will create a sample measures table.

I calculated the Total Sum of Profit in my data, and ad you can see on the fields pane, a new column has been created inside my Measures Table.

Delete the empty column

The column “Measures” is empty and is of no use to the report, and should be deleted by right-clicking it and selecting Delete from model.

Now, Power BI can only recognize that the only thing that is within this new table is a measure (as displayed below).


Conclusion: How to Create a Table From Measures in Power BI

This is the most simple and step-by-step method on how you can create measures tables in Power BI.

If you are working with a lot of data, it is best to house all your calculated measures in one place so you are not endlessly scrolling through different tables.

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