How To Use Common Functions In Excel For Beginners

Are you an Excel newbie and looking for an exciting challenge to test your Excel skills? This exercise will test how well you can use the most common Excel functions.

In Excel, we have 5 common functions. These functions are:

  • Sum
  • Average
  • Count
  • Min
  • Max

This exercise will teach you how to use these functions.


You will need to download the Sample Superstore dataset to complete this exercise.


  1. Open the excel file and then go to the bottom of the dataset.
  2. Calculate the sum, average, count, minimum and maximum values of the sales, quantity, discount, and profit fields in the dataset.

Your calculation fields should look like this.

common autosum functions in excel - exercise - grionic

Tip: The SUM formula for the Sales column should look like this:



Here’s my copy.

common autosum functions in excel - result  - grionic


Convert your data from a range to a table. Then redo your calculations.

Hope you enjoyed this exercise.

Happy Analyzing!

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